First Week Discovery

I wanted to share the reasoning behind this website.  I have been working with virtual breweries, contract breweries and startups in the brewing space for quite some time.  They each have their own unique challenges but what has been universal is the desire for an experienced brewer that is just as confident in the board room as the brewery.  A good brewer has to take ownership of production but has to also be a key member of the marketing and administration teams.  Call me biased but I see a confident and communicative brewer as the key to a successful brewery.

I have talked to five brewery owners in the past week that are dealing with the same issue.  “Brewer is a pre-madonna that won’t embrace our corporate culture”.  “Brewer is too difficult to manage”  “Brewer makes good beer but does not want to help sell”.  “Brewer only wants to focus on making beer and still thinks he is under paid”.  The question I ask myself is why are there so many unhappy brewers.  It is the best profession in the world in my opinion.

Brewers are often characterized as bitter and salty.  Often thrown in with the likes of professional kitchen staff.  Every restaurant owner knows that a happy kitchen is a clean and productive kitchen.  A fun environment rooted in hard work and respect for the craft is all the staff need to be happy.  The key words are fun, hard work and most important of all RESPECT.  This is what brewers crave in their day to day.

There are often a few easy solutions for creating a healthy, happy and productive working environment.  They just need to be identified.  This is why I started this company.  I saw the opportunity to help breweries retain staff and keep their breweries fun.


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